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With Orcatec Team of Developers, you get to add the features and functionality to create the software that meets your unique needs.

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Our business platform offers

  • Save TIME

    Since you don’t need to build a platform from scratch, which takes years, and are only looking to add some features, Orcatec Team of Developers will help you launch your desired functionality in just a few months.

  • Save MONEY

    Investing in adding functionality of your dreams starts paying off as soon as it’s live. Add newly designed features onto the leading Orcatec platform at a fraction of a costs of a brand new software . You pay for the functionality you want to design and we take care of the maintenance cost.

  • CUSTOMIZED to fit your business

    Even though Orcatec platform works for most businesses, we understand that as a business owner you know what’s best for your company. If adding certain Tabs and Features are crucial for your business to succeed, we are here for you and ready to code.

No need to settle for a platform that doesn’t meet all your business needs. You tell us your vision, we make it happen.

Why Orcatec?

  • INDIVIDUALIZED attention

    You get a whole team of Orcatec experienced developers dedicated to your project alone.


    Orcatec Team has over 14 years of experience, they can code anything you desire to see in an app. We also provide complimentary consultation to guide you through the process and help decide on the best functionality for your desired platform.


    You get to control the process - we send you detailed updates with progression, so you are always in the know.

What our clients say

Take matters into your own hands and create a platform that works for you.